“Dragonfly” Acrylic on plywood panel. 6’x4’ 2018

“Dragonfly” Acrylic on plywood panel. 6’x4’ 2018

Art of Amanda Koh

Thank you for visiting my site. In the navigation are two galleries. The Ethereal Abstract gallery is my more recent art and The Equine Spirit is an historical glance at my original inspiration and focus.

The Dragonfly on this page is part of a new series I am exploring which marries these two styles, to create a more recognizable form, which still embodies the abstract, linear “light” of the being. I’m very excited about this new direction, and I hope you enjoy it as well. I welcome feedback, too, so please let me know what you think through the “About and Contact” page.

Thank you again for visiting, and I look forward to hearing from you, and sharing more art with you soon.